Goldendoodle Pups

No one likes a Monday morning – or I don’t, anyways. So this Monday morning I’m sharing a post that will hopefully make yours a little brighter!

This weekend I was invited to tag along with my brother and his fiancé to help pick out the new Goldendoodle puppy that they will be bringing home next month! There were eleven puppies in the litter and they had third pick out of the boys.

The puppies were so tiny and SO soft. It was hard to leave them there after spending time holding them and watching them play! We were able to meet the parents – a Golden Retriever, Duke, and a standard Poodle, Georgia. Both were incredibly friendly so I can see why the Goldendoodle breed is known for having a good-natured personality.

If I didn’t already have Little Pop I would need to take one of those sweet pups home for myself. Thankfully I’ll get to spend time with Shawn & Sarah’s new puppy – Tucker – when he comes home in a few weeks!


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