Poppy Graduates Puppy School

Last week Poppy had her last day of Beginner training school at PetSmart. All of the dogs in the class had to take a final test on the last day, and….

she passed!!

She did really well throughout the course and picked up on most of the commands, but I was nervous for her final test because she had a rough day. That morning Poppy went into heat for the first time, so the poor girl had to wear a diaper to class. I did buy the “fashion” pack of cute little patterned ones, but a diaper is a diaper and no girl wants to show up to class wearing one.

For the very last part of the test, I had to walk to the opposite end of the store while the trainer kept Poppy on a long leash near him. Then I had to yell Poppy’s name and use the “come” command and she had to find her way across the entire store to me. It took her a minute or two but she made it!

Here is Poppy waiting nervously for class to start:


And here we are after she passed! If you look closely you can see that she is wearing a little graduation cap, which was adorable.


Things Poppy learned:

  • Sit
  • Watch Me
  • Stay
  • Walking nicely on a leash
  • Leave It
  • Come
  • Down (she didn’t quite pick up on this one)

Things I learned:

  • How to use my strong commanding voice
  • How to put on a doggy diaper
  • Patience (I didn’t quite pick up on this one)

I enjoyed the class (and the results) so much that I signed her up for Intermediate session starting this week. She will receive a letter grade at the completion of this class, so I’ll keep you posted on her final report card in six weeks!

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