Book Review: Unfiltered

I’ve been reading far more books than I’ve been reviewing lately, so I thought it was about time for me to share one here. Yesterday morning I wrapped up Unfiltered by model/actress Lily Collins.

This book is a chronicle of Lily’s life experiences. She hits a variety of taboo subjects in the hopes that sharing her experiences will help those facing similar challenges. Lily wants young women everywhere to realize they are not alone. She boldly shares about her lifelong struggle with eating disorders, her history of toxic relationships, and the insecurities that plagued her throughout her adolescence.

It’s clear that Lily tried to make Unfiltered as personal as possible, even including old family photos and other snapshots from the experiences she mentions.


An inspirational or relevant quote from Lily is featured before every chapter. I foresee myself flipping back through these quotes just for some positive reminders!


It takes courage for anyone to open up about their most personal thoughts and experiences, nonetheless someone who already faces public scrutiny as a side effect of their career. I applaud Lily for allowing her writing to be candid and herself to be vulnerable.

You can order a copy (on sale!) here.

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