Nasty Gal Maxi

Remember when Nasty Gal had that huge closing sale? Well I bought quite a few things, one being this “Chiffon Your Shoulder” Maxi Dress.

Unfortunately the dress is a tad too big, but that didn’t stop me from romping around outside for a photo shoot. Though the icy blue looks great against the snow, I could imagine this being a perfect summer dress because it’s so light and airy. I would pair it with a strappy heel or wedge to highlight the killer thigh slit.


Fun Fact: This dress is so long on me that I face planted as I tried to run back inside to escape the cold.



Copper Colored

On Monday I teased a “before” picture of my hair and hinted at a big change.

Well, surprise – I’ve gone red again!

I’ve had dark red tinted hair before, but this time I went for a lighter, coppery red.

Here’s an unofficial before photo:


Here was my inspiration photo…


And here’s the final result!


Shout out to Emma Roberts for showing me that a red lip pairs amazingly with red hair.

I have a mild obsession with redheads and I’ve always wanted to try this color. It took me a few minutes to get used to at first, but so far I love it. My hairstylist did a great job blending with my natural color, as you can see in the picture to the right.

I love dying my hair and have tried a multitude of colors over the years. My only hesitation with lighter colors is that I feel like it doesn’t look as good worn natural due to frizz. However, in this case I’d say the color is worth the effort of styling it more often.

My hairstylist is Stacey at Glitz of Rochester. She’s one of the only stylists I’ve ever tried that has never sent me home in tears (seriously). I’m super picky and she’s awesome – she listens to what you want and is totally honest about what will or will not work or look good.

If you’re looking for a change or have always wanted to try a certain color – go for it! You’ll be glad you did.

Oh Curly Day

On a rare occasion, I have a great curly hair day.

My hair is naturally curly, a state that I fought desperately during my early/mid teen years. I’ve tried to embrace it more in my 20’s and now wear it natural most days of the week. I always air dry my hair when wearing it curly, and it’s pretty much hit or miss on the frizz factor. But, every now and then (usually when I’m starting to consider cutting it all off), the curls come through for a great hair day and I decide I love them again.

Here are some of my personal favorite curly hair products and tools. I’ve tried a million sprays, gels, crèmes- you name it. The Aquage curl crème and sea salt spray are the only two that have stuck around in my cabinet.

Right out of the shower, I wrap my hair in a microfiber towel. You can find these cheap little turbies in any drugstore. They’re super convenient and help prevent frizz versus wrapping your hair in a bath towel. I always use a wide tooth comb once I take it out of the wrap. Brushes are a huge no-no for curly hair unless you want to look like Mia Thermopolis pre-makeover. Then I just scrunch it up with some of the curl crème and let it do its thing!




Nasty Gal Closing Sale

In case you haven’t heard, our favorite #GirlBoss has closed the doors of her two retail stores, and is shutting down her business.

It’s a sad day for girl bosses everywhere. Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amoruso inspired so many women, and she proved that you don’t have to wear a business suit to be a CEO. – Self

Many a female has read and been inspired by Sophia Amoruso’s book, myself included.


Though I’m so sad to see the company go, the real reason I’m posting is to notify you that everything is 50% off on the the Nasty Gal website right now. 50% OFF. Including these adorably pink Jeffrey Campbell metallic flats, which I’ve already snatched for myself.



Happy shopping you #GirlBoss, you.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Though I am well aware that the world has mixed opinions about old St. Valentine, I LOVE this holiday. I always have; because I love love. Sure maybe Hallmark does capitalizes on this day, but who cares? (Hate to break it, businesses capitalize on your emotions on the reg). I think it’s really sweet that there is an official day dedicated to sharing love. ❤

I’ve spent Valentine’s Day in a relationship and I’ve spent it single, and I’ve had a great time both ways. My Vtine’s agenda is always just to spend the day doing whatever I want to do. This year, I celebrated early with a trip to the mall and some online shopping. Among other things, I purchased these for myself:

  • February Cosmopolitan mag with girl crush Ruby Rose on the cover – disclaimer, I didn’t even have to leave the house to get this one. It was delivered
  • Kylie Cosmetics Koko Kollection – okay I didn’t have to leave the house for this one either. I held off on purchasing anything Kylie for a long time strictly on principle. But then I realized that people actually loved her products. My willpower can only last so long
  • Too Faced Love Flush blush in Your Love is King – I could NOT resist this product as a self-given Valentine’s gift. Unlimited props to the Too Faced packaging team
  • MAC Shadescents Perfume in Candy Yum Yum – Did you know MAC has fragrance? I received a small sample with another order and fell in love with this scent. It’s delicious without going full Jessica Simpson Cupcake (tbt)
  • New Shades – Because I found a cute little boutique within the mall and they were under $20


Since my SO lives in another state, tonight is all about #1 (and #2). And since I already celebrated with my little shopping splurge, I’ll probably spend the evening watching Netflix and eating pizza. That’s love if I’ve ever felt it.

Fun fact for the anti-mushy crowd: “Valentinus” comes from the Latin word for worthy, strong or powerful — if that doesn’t inspire you to treat yo’ self then I don’t know what will.